Spectacular tour of the Shantar Islands

Discover the world of wildlife

You dream to feel like real travelers, to be proud of the fact that you have managed to overcome yourself, to see what will never see others, to tell about what is impossible to keep silent.

Do you want to be envied by friends and acquaintances who, apart from the "banal" beach sand, swimming in the warm sea and evening traditional pastime can not tell others?

Do you want to observe nature in its original form, harsh and majestic, to observe the amazing animals of this nature?

Do you want to feel the power of this nature, appreciate this divine power, see your present place and human destiny in this world?

Our team offers you to visit just such a place, where you can forget about the bustle of the city, looking at gracefully floating whales, frolicking killer whales, swaggering in their satiety brown bears, where you can relax, admiring the amazing scenery of the Far East taiga against the backdrop of majestic hills and the harsh, but no less beautiful Sea of Hunting ...

What's in store for you

A tour of the Shantar archipelago is an incredible and amazing adventure to one of the most unexplored and insufficiently explored wild places on planet Earth. Because of its inaccessibility, the Shantar archipelago was able to preserve its pristine beauty, and you will discover the wonderful world of wildlife in all its pristine splendor.

Гренладский кит

Only here you can watch the Greenland whales, killer whales, swim next to them in their natural environment
habitat so close that involuntarily desire arises to touch them. And Far Eastern seals will be everywhere and everywhere to accompany you on the whole trip of the archipelago. It gives the impression that it's not you, but they're watching you.

охотское море туры
белоплечий орлан

Also, these places are teeming with many wild birds, as the Shantar archipelago is an ideal nesting place for many migratory birds and the habitat of the majestic white-flying eagle. There is a high probability to see the owner of taiga - brown bear, as its population here is one of the largest on the planet.


Our expedition to the Shantar archipelago begins in early July and ends in late September, it is during this period that Greenland whales and killer whales visit the bays and bays of the Sea of Okhotsk, where they feed, relax, play and delight tourists with incredible performances: jump out of the water, beat their huge tails on the water.

However, not everyone will be lucky enough to see such a performance, because it is wildlife, and whales will not give representations at our will. And the meeting with wild animals in the wild is always a lottery...

Please understand this and take it into consideration when choosing our tour.

About us

We are the ones who know and love wildlife. Once, discovering the wonderful and unique world of the Hunter, were amazed by its magnificence.

We decided to share our impressions of what we saw with you, showing everyone who wants this wonderful world of Greenland whales, graceful killer whales and curious seals.

We are the ones who choose our path, forever connected it with this unforgettable place and its inhabitants

We organize a tourist route to one of the most remote and uninhabited corners of our vast country

You are in the hands of experienced travelers who love nature and are ready to discover the wild world of the Hunter!

The opportunity to test yourself, meet interesting people, capture moments that others can only dream about!

Tour program

Day One

- This is the most complicated and difficult stage of our expedition.

- The start of the transfer starts in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where you arrive on your own
(recommended to arrive to Komsomolsk on Amur
the day before the start of the transfer so that you could take a break from the long journey)..

- Departure time 5.00 (local time), on our
Minibus. Travel time ranges from 15 to 24 hours (much depends on weather conditions and road conditions).

- Meals during the journey will be provided in the form of tea, sandwiches, (coffee) and canned foods. If you have any special dietary conditions, vegetarians, etc., then when booking a tour you need to inform our manager.

- We remind you that this is the hardest part of our expedition, because throughout the journey, and it is 600 km, there are no highways and motorways, and there is a dirt road that runs through the taiga, rivers such as Amgun, with a ferry crossing, not a bridge and passing past two checkpoints (checkpoint) of Polymetal LLC, the entrance and exit through which will be carried out by special passes, that is why we would need your passport data , so we would be able to issue a passes.

- There is a section of the forest road, where the average speed of traffic 20 - 30 km/h.
Please be strong and patient, you will need them. If the road were easy and accessible, this land would not be called wild...

- The finish of the transfer on the shores of The Bay of Nicholas, where the night will be organized. We have on the shore a transit base with warm houses and the opportunity to wash in taiga bathouse. Please note that the conditions at the transshipment base are quite ascetic, but all that is needed in order to wash after a long road and spend the night in a warm, flooded taiga house (rather than in tents), there is.
Day Two
- In the morning, on the arrival of the boat, waiting for the landing from the boat of departing tourists, then loaded on a boat and go to the main camp, to our island, the travel time will be 1 hour.

- On arrival to the island, we settle in Glamping tents, for 2 people (considering to your wishes and preferences). For families with children, there is a resettlement of 3-4 people.

- Meet the team, we give a short briefing on the safety measures of accommodation in the tent camp, while on foot and sea walks and during the observation of mammals

- If the weather permits, we go to the SUP board, boats or watch whales, killer whales and seals from the shore.

- We familiarize ourselves with the program of walking and sea walks, make adjustments, individually for each group, depending on your wishes, and, of course, on the weather conditions and migration of whales and killer whales.

- You can take part in the ennobling of the camp, the initiative to improve the aesthetics of the surrounding area is only welcome.

- Spend your time by the campfire in the evenings, socialize with each other, lovers of meditation and solitude have a place overlooking the picturesque landscape.
Day three-five
- These days the group will make an expedition, which includes:

- Excursion to the Bay of Nicholas, the Gulf of Nerpichy, sea crossings to picturesque places with incredibly beautiful beaches, where the probability of getting close to whales and killer whales is almost 100 %.

- Excursion to the lake. Mukhtel.

- For fishing enthusiasts, walking inland and the mainland is planned throughout the tour to try their luck in mountain rivers and lakes. There is also sea fishing.

- The night will be in tents throughout the tour. Please take this into account.

(you must need a warm sleeping bag, that you must bring with you).

On one of the days of the tour, you can go on a paid excursion to the islands of the Shantar archipelago.
Day Six
- Rest at the base camp on the island
- Personal time
- Walks on the SUP Board
- Whale watching, killer whales
- Fishing in the vicinity of Nicholas Bay and sea fishing.

(everything will depend on your wishes and weather conditions)
Day Seven
- Leaving for a transit base on the shores of Nicholas Bay.

- We are going on a minibus in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Important: you need to book your own accommodation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk before and after the expedition. We recommend hotels: in Khabarovsk - «Сопка» и «Парус» (high level of service), «Верба»,
«Бутик-отель Хабаровск Сити», «Саппоро»
and «Лазурит» (standard accommodation),
as well as «Чайка» (budget accommodation).
In Komsomolsk-on-Amur - «Дзёмги», «Амур», «Восход», «Визит»

Accommodation in hotels in Khabarovsk and
Komsomolsk-on-Amur is not included in the price of the tour

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive resort with comfortable rooms, porters, etc. This is an expedition, in the full sense of the word. Our team, of course, makes every effort to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. But do not forget that this is a wild nature with accompanying mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, where, sometimes, instead of roads, only the direction where you will have to spend the night in tents. Therefore, when choosing a tour to the Shantar Islands, you must be fully aware and understand where you are going to. Also, it is not recommended to visit such tours for people who require special medical supervision, since the nearest settlement is located 180 km from the camp on an unsettled road.
It is also necessary to take into consideration the climate of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Shantar archipelago, it is not the Black Sea and not Crimea ... It is possible that the whole tour you will have to be dressed in warm clothes and waterproof cloak, as rains, drizzle and fogs here can hold for weeks.

Cost of participation in the tour

Also, we have special discounts:

  • For the band members who open the season (1.07.21 - 8.07.21) the discount will be - 30%
  • When booking a tour with a group of 10 people, discount - 10%
  • When booking a tour with a family, the discount - 5%
The cost of the tour for children under 7 years - free
From 7-14 years of age the discount will be - 50%
From 14 years - full cost
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Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
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Here is a list of what you need to take with you to the expedition, if you are going to such an event for the first time.
  • Warm pants
  • Thicks (or hoodies)
  • T-shirts under hoodies
  • Shoes, which will go - a change of steam - will suit sneakers, preferably waterproof
  • Warm socks
  • The hat is not wool, but warm.
  • sunglasses
  • underwear
  • The suit is anti-entciphaly.
  • A cloak or a waterproof suit
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Passport
  • International passport
  • Visa
  • Anti-allergens
  • painkiller
  • Dramina (from seasickness)
  • Individual drugs
  • Coal activated
  • Medicines for your own needs
Personal hygiene
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect cream
  • Wound healing cream (masoles and abrasions)
  • Instead of lenses it is better to take glasses

Important moments

Health requirements.

To make such an expedition you must be confident in your physical form, have a good health and be emotionally balanced person. However, you should not go if you can not live without cellular communication, Internet, special food, and if you suffer from diseases of the back, legs, eyes, heart, lungs, psyche, chronic diseases with unpredictable exacerbations or attacks (epilepsy, cough, suffocation, mental seizures).

Natural factor.

Due to the fact that the climate of the Sea of Okhotsk is very severe, the weather is very changeable, the route of the tour can be amended and amended. The migration of whales and killer whales is unpredictable, so we will not talk with a 100% guarantee that you will be able to swim on the SUP board surrounded by whales and killer whales. But we want to say that no one has ever left the Sea of Okhotsk without seeing these beautiful creatures. Also, because of the storms and limited travel time, we can visit not all the locations planned on the route to ensure your own safety, that for us is- a priority.
To see the world around, to know its dangers, to look through walls and to find each other, to become closer, to feel: this is the purpose of life.
K/F "The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty"


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